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Little Rippers @ Predator Bay

Little Rippers is our kids learn to ski program at Predator Bay and anyone is welcome to attend.

The sessions run from 8 am - 12 pm on Tuesdays throughout the summer, starting in July and run until mid August.

The first session will be July 4th.

At each session there are crafts, snacks and equipment provided for everyone participating. It is recommend having clothes for your kids that you don’t mind getting dirty as the craft is typically painting rocks.

Make sure to bring towels, water, sunscreen, and wetsuits/life jackets if you have them!

Anyone attending is required to purchase a WSWA Membership.

If you are not a member of Predator Bay Water Ski Club, please let Coach Avery know. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Please contact Coach Avery Colcleugh if your kids are interested in participating!

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