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We are looking for Committee Members to join us!


If you would like to be part of a committee, please click on the COMMITTEE BUTTON you wish to join below!

Here is a list of our Committees at Water Ski & Wake Alberta. 
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  • Support and administer and maintain the development program and the junior team. 

  • In our Strategic Plan deliverables: train to train and train to compete.

  • Demonstrate clear pathways, athlete progression from train to train to train to compete. 

  • On the junior team, provide opportunities for international competition or ski for life.  

  • Provide training opportunities with Alberta provincial team coaches in both the North and South zone.

  • Provide access to elite level coaching for all junior team athletes

  • Provide development opportunities for Alberta team coaches

  • Provide opportunities for development team athletes to progress to Junior Team


  • Support and administer and maintain the junior wake team.

  • In our Strategic Plan deliverables: train to train and train to compete.

  • Demonstrate clear pathways, athlete progression from train to train to train to compete, international competition or wakesurf and wakeboard for life.

  • Provide training opportunities with Alberta team coaches

  • Organize and run all the stops on the AB Wake Tour


  • Identify and make partnerships with local clubs and summer camps to deliver our programs.

  • Determine and oversee partners that use our Rip N Ride Skill Progression Program.

  • Develop strategies for promoting Rip n Ride to coaches, clubs and schools.

  • Work with the Lake Ambassador Program to identify people in zones and public lakes to be ambassadors of WSWA.

  • Work with different grassroots programs such as Little Rippers, New Kids on the Water, Alberta Rippers, and others.

  • Support all Learn to Train opportunities.

  • Demonstrate clear pathways and athlete progression from early grassroots to Learn to Train and Learn to Compete.

  • Provide development opportunities for coaches.

  • Support the WSWA Indoor Water Ski Program.

  • Develop and maintain a grassroots recreation tour for water ski and wake.

  • Develop adult learn to ski, wakeboard, wakesurf opportunities.


  • Develop awareness and accessibility for Adaptive person/athletes to the joys of water skiing through give it a go days.

  • Increase membership in the association.

  • To start to establish independent adaptive skiers in the province who will progress and learn to ski independently and to compete.

  • Develop more coaches and drivers across the province to facilitate accessibility for the above

Adaptive Committee is now full, thank you.

technical development committeE

  • Develop long term strategic plan for coach development within Alberta (specific attention should also be paid to developing Female coaches in AB).

  • Identify trained coaches interested in pursuing certification; identify Learning Facilitators to become Evaluators.

  • Plan and execute 2022 coach development program (should include more formalized professional development opportunities).

  • Wake and Water Ski both need to be considered in the coach development strategy

  • Influence NSO legislation of certification requirements and sport specific content (wake surf module etc.)

  • Leverage and promote multi-sport modules and continuing education modules through CAC 

  • Work with Wake Committee to complete Rip N Ride Cards for wakesurf

  • Develop pathways for water ski Officials

  • Develop clinics and courses for officials development

  • Develop database of WSWA officials


  • Liaise with other clubs and schools to execute events.

  • Responsible for find a host site for Water Ski Provincials and help to run and organize Water Ski Provincials.

  • Develop the Rec Series Slalom Tour

  • Offer support to facilities hosting water ski events

  • Continue to Develop Provincials Hosting Guidelines


  • Update and maintain the current year Marketing Plan

  • The purpose of this document is to create a roadmap for the coming season for introducing and delivering our programs and events to existing members and potential new members.

  • Create the current year's communication plan with social media, e-newsletters, blogs and website updates.

  • Look to form partnerships with retailers, boat dealers, other businesses 

  • Promo materials

  • New logo design and branding -

  • Lake ambassador program marketing

  • Keep current marketing document for sharing and mailout


  • Administer the Vern Oberg Legacy Scholarship, including determining and communicating the criteria of such scholarship, and recommending recipients of such scholarship, if any, on an annual basis

We are currently updating the website and our registration system. We appreciate your patience.

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