What Is Rip n' Ride?

Rip n' Ride is a skills development program to attract, initiate and retain new participants to towed watersports.

All of the skills learned in the program are aimed at teaching the fundamentals of the sport.

The goal of the program is to attract more people to the sport by providing them with the skills to enjoy the sport safely, and to encourage participants to progress their fundamental skills.

Coach Certification Requirements

To be recognized as an eligible Rip ‘n Ride coach, an individual must:

• Be a current member of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada via their respective provincial water ski and wakeboard association; and

• Achieve ‘trained’ status with our National Coach Certification Program (NCCP).

Participant Membership Requirements

In Alberta, we have created a special membership category for participants through Rip‘n Ride. This special membership category is designed to:

• Recognize these participants as members of WSWA, without creating the burden of full financial membership; and

• Provide support to schools, clubs, and camps that are offering the Rip ‘n Ride program.

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