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2023 Alberta Wake Team 


Jordann Allen

Bennett Bateman

Morgan Bateman

Brynley Becker

Hayden Becker

Sloan Becker

Dexter Chugg

Max Chugg

Morgan Eberhardt

Greyson Hantke

Paige Humphrey

Jagr McIntyre

Katie Perschon

Carl Reitenbach

Hailey Tost

Tori Tost

The Junior Wake Team continues the tradition of recognizing and providing supplemented training opportunities for the most promising young wakesurfers and wakeboarders in Alberta.

At the begin of each season WSWA will accept application for the Junior Wake team.


The Wake Team provides young athletes opportunity for training and mentorship. Membership to the Team will require athletes to participate in a training weekend in June and a commitment to attend all Wake Tour events. 


Each year athletes will be invited to submit an application to participate on the Wake Team.

Athletes are required to complete a Sport Resume as part of the application process. A selection committee will review all applications and consideration will be given to contest participation, placements from previous season, trick list and goals.

Maximum Team Size: 16 Athletes*

*Water Ski and Wake Alberta is not obligated to fill all available spots on the team.  The final size of the team will be left up to the discretion of the selection committee.


Fee's will be $250 - This will include a team uniform, team training weekend and virtual coaching support throughout the season.

We are currently updating the website and our registration system. We appreciate your patience.

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