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We have many options for grassroots programs to get KIDS AND ADULTS on the water

with water skiing or wakeboarding or wakesurfing!


Alberta Rippers is our grassroots program that provides opportunities for KIDS to participate in CLINICS AND CAMPS at lakes across Alberta.

Do you have kids that want to learn to water ski?  Or improve their slalom skills?  How about kids who want to ride the wave and learn to wakesurf or learn some tricks.  Or what about kids who want to learn to wakeboard or develop their riding skills?  Well, we have grassroots programs for all these - waterski -- wakesurf -- wakeboard.

Check out the 2023 calendar to find programs at a lake near you!


Learning to ski is not just for kids ! Are you an adult looking for some water ski lessons? Learn to ski or develop some skills? Want to take some lessons with other adults?  Want to join a clinic with women only?  We offer ADULT Clinics and WOMEN ON THE WATER Clinics!

Check out the 2023 calendar to find adult programs and women only programs at a lake near you!


We offer adaptive programs called "Give it a Go Days" and "Give it a Go 2.0" Clinics for those disabled athletes to introduce them to the sport of water skiing, wakeboarding and wakesurfing. 

Check out the 2023 calendar later to find programs at a lake near you!


This INDOOR POOL WATER SKI PROGRAM  runs in Fort McMurray at the Syncrude Aquatic Pool and will introduce new participants to towed watersports in a safe and barrier-free environment. The program will use an indoor winch to tow kids!  The program is available in the winter and is the first indoor water  ski program in North America.

Check out the 2023 calendar to find program dates!


Are  you a slalom skier and wanting to get competitive?  Do you want to learn to ski the slalom course?  Is it your goal to compete in sanctioned tournaments?  Well this program is for you!

This program runs at Predator Bay Water Ski Club just south of Calgary.   It is open to kids aged 21 and younger.  

The goal of the program is to get more kids learning to ski the slalom course and competing in tournaments and also to give training opportunities for those skiers who are not a member of Predator Bay and who are not on the Alberta Junior or Development Team.


We look to expand to other lakes.  Our 2023 Event Calendar will be out soon!  Check back later to find program dates!


A FUN element of the Alberta Rippers Program  is the ALBERTA RIPPERS VERN OBERG REC TOUR


The purpose of the rec series is to introduce competition to water skiers in a fun and positive environment!  This is an entry level where kids can run the mini- slalom course!

We had 2 events last year and we look to expand to more lakes.  Our 2023 Event Calendar will be out soon!  Check back later to find event dates at a lake near you!


Are you or you kids looking to compete in our wake tour?  Its open to all ages and all levels of abilities.  You can compete in wakesurf and or wakeboard?

Check our 2023 calendar to find event dates at a lake near you!

Grassroots Programs
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