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Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta is committed to the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD),

developed by Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada, and to DELIVERING coach education

that ENHANCES the development of coaches and most importantly our athletes.

To skillfully train, develop, certify, and SUPPORT more coaches to teach our athletes

To better equip coaches to develop TRAINING programs at all levels, within LTAD, promoting healthy, life-long enjoyment of towed water sports and raising the standards across Alberta - get on the water for life 


A rewarding way to give back to others

A way to stay directly involved with the sport you love

A way to keep yourself active and in shape

An opportunity to be a community leader and learn important life skills such as organization,

time management, work ethic, communication and people skills

May lead to a part-time job for the serious coach

A career for the aspiring coach


Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) provides the framework for coaches to

work together following consistent PATHWAYS and methods that put athletes first



At Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta, developing coaches is especially important and crucial to the delivery of our programs. 


Because our coaches are a valuable resource, we will offer the Coach Foundations Course to Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta members at this great price and opportunity in 2021!


If you are a WSWA member (yearly membership $40), and a resident of Alberta, you can sign up for the Coach Foundations Course:


Here is how our Coaching Program will work: (what you need to do)


Part 1 of our Coaching Program:


1.       Cost is $100 for the 2021 Coach Foundation Course

2.       Take out your $40 WSWA Membership:  Renew or Join here:

3.       Boat Operator’s Licence

  • You can take the exam before or after this Coach Foundation Course, but you MUST have a Boat Operators Licence to coach.  Please check out this website to take the online course.

  • This is an online exam:  Visit:  Boater Exam Canada

4.       Standard First Aid course

  • Again, you can take before or after the Coach Foundation Course, but you MUST have Standard First Aid in order to coach.  Please check out these websites for courses.

  •  OR


5.       You must complete the WSWA Code of Conduct Policy document


Upon successful completion of the course please send to

  • Proof of your PASSING Grade

  • Proof of WSWA Membership in 2021

  • Proof of Boat Operator’s Licence

  • Proof of Standard First Aid course


AND we will reimburse your $100 back to you!


Why are we giving you this great opportunity?  Because coaches are valuable to our operation and we want to help you become a coach.


Part 2 of our Coaching Program:

There is an additional perk to our coaching program.  If you become a trained or certified coach and have all the required pieces as mentioned above to be a trained or certified coach,

  • You can join our WSWA Club Insurance Program as an individual coach.

How does this work?

WSWA each year, takes out Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada’s Club Insurance and pays for the insurance and liability on behalf of our coaches.


Benefits to YOU

  • If you are a single certified coach you can join this program, NO cost to you.

  • We will advertise you, the coach on our website,

  • We will promote you on our social media pages

  • We can also promote you in our Newsletter that goes out to all our members.


Benefits to WSWA

  • At WSWA, membership growth is very key to our continued existence to offer programs and events.


  • If you join our WSWA Club Insurance program, it is required that every participant you coach take out a one-time yearly WSWA membership of $40.  That is it.  These memberships support our association and continue to help us offer programming.

This partnership works because WSWA will receive valuable new members and you the coach, will have insurance at no cost which is a huge savings to you. This is not intended for clubs to join this program.  It is for individual coaches.


If you do not want to be part of the WSWA Club/Coach Insurance Program, totally up to you!


So, there you have it, WSWA Coaching Program.  It is affordable

for all you new coaches out there! 

Take advantage of Part 1 and/or Part 2 of the

Coaching Program at Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta!


Dates for 2021 Coach Foundation Course

Part 1:  Online Modules

3 Tuesdays, 3 Hours each evening

On March 30, April 6, April 13

6pm to 9pm

Using Online Meeting System 


Part 2:  In Person

1 Day

Saturday, May 15 (DATE CHANGED TBD)




Each year, we train new coaches in Alberta. Whether you want to coach kids or adults, beginners or advanced athletes, there's a program for that.  Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta provides Coaches Courses for its members via the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada.


NCCP offers multiple levels of coaching, each with its own requirements and training - from the first-time coach to the head coach of a national team. As part of the program,

all coaches are trained in ethical decision-making and sport safety.

This is a National Coaching Certification Program approved coaching course, and will

give NEW coaches everything they need to know to start coaching on the water. The focus is FUN!

As a Foundations coach, you may be working with kids or adults, beginners or novices,

athletes or people who simply want to enjoy being on the water.  


The emphasis is placed on safety, FUN, ethics and values beyond competition. This clinic will help camps, schools, and volunteer coaches foster love of the sport, promote participation,

and teach basic skills to beginners of all ages through a variety of activities and disciplines.

The Community Sport – Initiation context focuses on participants who are being introduced to a sport. In many sports this is very young children participating in the sport for the first time. In a few sports, initiation into the sport can occur with youth or adults. Participants get involved to meet new friends, have FUN, and to learn a new activity. The role of the coach is to ensure a fun and safe environment and to teach the development of some of the “FUNdamentals” stage skills and abilities for participants.


The Pathway for Coaches

The three coaching levels:

Foundations: This is the basic, community level coach. As a Foundations coach, you may be working with kids or adults, beginners or novices, athletes or people who simply want to enjoy being on the water.  The emphasis is placed on safety, fun, ethics, boat driving and values beyond competition. This clinic will help camps, schools, and volunteer coaches foster love of the sport, promote participation, and teach basic skills to beginners of all ages through a variety of activities and disciplines.

Build the Skills: The purpose of this technical skills clinic is to create an understanding of how to teach the basic techniques and skills of towed water sports for coaches working with participants of all ages that have little or no formal towed water sports experience. 

Learn to Compete: You want to coach higher level athletes? This is the coach level you are looking for. Learn to Compete coaches are competitive coaches who prepare their athletes for competition. In addition to coaching sport specific skills, you will be designing and monitoring yearly training plans, and providing basic mental training skills, competition tactics, and skill analysis.  The goals at this level of coaching are fun, fitness, fundamentals, and performance at regional or provincial competitions as well as consolidation of basic skills of the sport.

Our Partners

To deliver coach training, and help our coaches achieve continuous improvement, we work closely with our partners: Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada; the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC); the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP); and Alberta Sport Connection (ASC)

Coach's Association of Canada

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Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada

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Alberta Sport Connection

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Our coaches in Alberta are NCCP trained, to Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada standards.

Learn to water ski or wakeboard by contacting one of our coaches!

Brian Bryksa

Brian Bryksa runs a popular day program near Hanna. He is a NCCP trained Foundations coach.

Breanne Dodd

Breanne Dodd is a champion slalom skier, and a popular coach with our athletes. She runs clinics at Dodd's Pond, near Innisfail.

Bruce Dodd

Bruce Dodd has been competing and coaching for years. Working at his private facility near Innisfail, he has coached many young athletes who regularly reach the podium