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Competition Format & Rules


The format consists of two 45-60 second passes (one in each direction) .

Riders are allowed 2 falls per pass.  On the first fall the boat will return to pull the rider back up, the second fall will be the end of that pass.

The course will be marked at each end with course markers. Any trick preformed before or after the course markers will not count. A trick initiated before the final course markers will count even it was completed after the final marker.

Falls before the course markers DO count against the riders total number of falls for that pass.

(*With the exception of the Junior Categories)

At the beginning of the competition Officials will set a ‘Baseline’ speed and wake size for the event. Riders may ask for adjustment to speed and wave size prior to and/or during their run.

The boat will provide adequate ‘run up’ distance to the start of the course to allow for the wave to form and for the rider to toss the rope. The rider may toss the rope into the boat or to the other side of the wake.

After completion of a run look to the Officials in the boat and they will direct you when to fall out of the wake.



Any trick done with the rope will not count.

Falls before the course markers DO count against the riders total number of falls for that pass.

(*With the exception of the Junior Categories)

If a rider is interfered with (i.e., excessive boat chop) the rider may ask for a restart. The restart is completely up to the discretion on the Judges.

Riders may not board the event boat unless directed to do so by the Officials.

There are NO platform starts.

Rides may surf either side of the wake during their pass.

Rides MUST wear a Personal Flotation Devise (PFD)


Our number one priority is to keep everyone safe.

Officials may cancel or postpone an event at any time if they deem the event cannot take place or continue due to safety concerns (usually weather related).

Rides MUST always wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) while in the water.

In rare situations the course may be extend and run in only one direction due to factors such as wind.



Event days can be long, but they are a great way to meet other members of the wake community. The day will start with rider check in and followed by a riders meeting. At this meeting any particulars about the course, staging areas, boat baseline, schedule, and divisions will be discussed. Any questions riders have will also be answered at this time. There will be an event schedule posted with approximate times when each rider will run. Organizers and officials do everything they can to keep event days running in a timely manner, so it is of utmost importance the riders are ready to go BEFORE their designated time. There will be many ‘calls’ throughout  the day for each division to begin getting ready and to make their way to the staging area. The onus to be on time is the sole responsibility of each rider. At the end of the event, points will be tallied, and awards will be handed out.


At each Tour Stop riders will be given a points score corresponding to their results.

1st Place – 100

2nd Place – 90

3rd Place – 80 

And so forth.


After the completion of the final event, the points for all the Tour stops will be added up and a Tour Champion title will be award to rider with the most points in each division. 

In the event of a tie the Tour championship will be awarded to the rider that finishes higher at the final event.

If for any reason a division cannot be completed in its entirety, none of the riders will be awarded points for the event.

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