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We are saddened to say that on November 12, 2017, an icon in the sport of water skiing, Vern Oberg, has passed away. In his lifetime, he has made a huge impact on the sport and those around him. He was larger than life and loved the sport of waterskiing. He challenged those involved in the sport to make it better and always promoted with pride, our Canadian athletes. He was always available to volunteer his time to officiate and share his knowledge at water ski tournaments each summer in Alberta. He has been involved in the sport for over 50 years as an athlete, an official, a builder and certainly a pioneer that has made a significant difference in water skiing in Alberta, Canada and internationally. This past summer Vern was inducted into the WSWA Hall of Fame as a Builder of the Sport. We love to share some of his accomplishments. We will miss you Vern.

Vern Oberg - BUILDER
2017 Hall of Fame Inductee

Vern was one of the founding members of Water Ski Alberta and has been involved in Canadian water skiing for over five decades. He first became a member of Water Ski Canada in 1959 and since then has been involved as a member of various Local, Provincial, National, and International committees. He has officiated in every capacity at tournaments throughout Canada and the Pan-Am Region. He has competed at each of the Nationals from 1966 to 2008.

1977–1980: President of Alberta’s Wizard Lake Water Ski Club

1985–Present: Fulfilled every executive position of the Wizard Lake Water Ski Club

1992: President of Water Ski Alberta

1986–1998: Member of Water Ski Canada’s Officials Committee

1993-1995: President of Water Ski Canada

1993: Water Ski Wakeboard Canada’s representative on the Olympic Committee

1995–2001: Past President of Water Ski Canada

1980 & 1982: Alberta Achievement Awards from the Government of Alberta

1994: Lorraine Kroetsch Memorial Award for Officiating

2001: Alberta Officiating Recognition Award from Atco Gas – officiating amateur events

1994: Secretary General of the Pan-Am region of the International Water Ski Federation

1995–2004: President of the Pan-Am Region on the International Water Ski Federation

1995: During Vern Oberg’s time on the Pan-Am Board, he was instrumental in water skiing being added to the Pan American games

1999: Pan-Am Games, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Technical Director

2003: Pan-Am Games, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Set up a non-existing ski site in one week, including building a new jump ramp

If you would like to make a donation to WSWA in memory of Vern Oberg, The Edmonton Community Fund will accept donations.  Donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.  Please click on the 'Make a Donation' Button. (Note:  Please make sure the Water Ski & Wakeboard Fund is selected for the FUND).

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