Alberta Rippers is our NEW GRASSROOTS PROGRAM that provides opportunities for KIDS to participate in CLINICS AND CAMPS in Alberta to experience water skiing or wakesurfing or wakeboarding

and staying active


Our Grassroots Programs

are designed to be FUN!

This program was created to teach the basic skills needed to progress in the sport

The Alberta Rippers Program will help attract, initiate and retain new participants and offer more awareness of how to get involved -- and stay involved -- in our sports -- water skiing --wakeboarding -- wakesurfing with our summer camps.

DATES and LOCATIONS are shown below





Water Ski & Wake Alberta is continuing to create some buzz and excitement around one of its newest initiatives in Alberta called ALBERTA RIPPERS

We launched in 2019 with a successful start in our inaugural year.

This program utilizes OUR LAKE AMBASSADORS  to bring water ski, wakeboard, and wakesurf camps and clinics to public lakes and our clubs and schools.

Our certified trained Lake Ambassadors / Coaches use the Rip N Ride National Skills Progression Program.  It is geared for all levels from new beginners and teaches skills up to kids being ready for a competition.

Alberta Rippers is province-wide.  You will find us on lots of lakes and we are expanding to more lakes.  Would you like to see us at your lake?  Send us an email to:

As an Alberta Ripper, you can rip at your home lake or any other lake that is offering the program.

You can expect the same level of support, encouragement, enthusiasm, and COACHING  METHOD each time you participate. 

For an overview of upcoming ALBERTA RIPPERS GRASSROOTS EVENTS  see calendar below. 

When you are ready -- you can enter our ALBERTA RIPPERS REC SERIES.  This is a FUN element of the Alberta Rippers Program and is for those new or relatively new skiers and riders to be introduced to fun competition.