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Our Provincial memberships are done through Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada’s membership system. When you select one of the two options below, you will be automatically sent to their website to complete your membership purchase. Our 2024 membership rates are $40 for an individual and $40 for a family.

After you have paid your membership please select “OTHER EVENTS’ to choose the camp you wish to register for.

If you already registered for your membership and haven't registered for an event.  Login, then click "Other Events" find the date(s) you are interested in and click "Enter Now" 


If you have a Family Membership, all the members will pop up. 

Select the members you are wanting to register and check "Continue"

If you/they have Adult/Youth Membership, you/they just need to select their own name. 

Everyone age 18+ must have their own membership account.  If you were under a family membership prior, have the owner of that account "release" you from it so you can keep your Canadian Waterski and Wake ID number.  The reason for this is because as a person 18+, you must sign and agree to all the waivers yourself, another adult cannot do this for you.  This ensures you are covered by insurance.
Family memberships are for 1 adult plus all dependents under the age of 18 only.  2 adults, even in the same family cannot register for a family membership.  If you have any questions, please call the office.

Existing Members

This membership is for existing members who wish to participate in any tournaments, events, courses and camps through WSWA. This membership is for those who are active participants with the organization.

New Members

This membership is for new members who wish to participate in any tournaments, events, courses and camps through WSWA

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