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Each rider shall be judged on one complete, individual run.  That run will be compared against other runs from the same heat and ranked only against those runs.

Event scoring will be done using the DIVE system:

D   –   Difficulty

I    –   Intensity

V   –  Variety

E    –   Execution



Difficulty is simply how difficult the tricks are.


How many rotations

Was the trick grabbed or not

How high or big was the trick 

Did the rider link tricks in combination.

Was the trick in frontside or backside rotation.

Was the trick performed switch or heel side.



Judges look for how big or how high the rider is doing their tricks. 


How high was the rider above the lip.

What was the pace or energy of the run. – did the rider quicky move from one trick to the next.

How much power was demonstrated in the run. 



Variety is the number of different tricks the rider performed in a run. 


Did the rider do both air and surface tricks. 

Did the rider spin in more than one direction.

Did the rider surf in any other orientation such as switch or backside

Did the rider perform different grabs

Did the rider repeat tricks


Execution is how well the trick was performed.


Was the rider in full control or did they bobble the trick

Was the trick over or under rotated 

Did the rider have to ‘pump’ to get back in the wave.

Did the rider flow from one trick to another.

How clean did the trick look.

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