Do you wanna be one of our Lake Ambassadors?
Do you Live the Lake Life?
Are you Passionate about  getting behind the boat?
Do you love crossing the wake or getting on the wake?
Do you embody our brand?
Can you spread the word?
Can you help increase awareness of our programs and events?
Are you Passionate for wake and ski sports?
Then we are looking for you
Become a WSWA Lake Ambassador
Join Us!

Our Lake Ambassadors are passionate for the sports we love

They are the weekend warriors who are ripping on the lake, boating, skiing, wakeboarding,

and having a great time

They buy the boats, the water ski and wakeboard products and live for summer

They are getting the early morning glass, doing cannonballs with the kids in the afternoon,

and sharing stories fireside with their neighbours on a warm summer evening

WSWA’s Lake Ambassadors are excited to share their passion for fun, safe, and exciting

towed water sports at the lake they call home!



Does This Sound Like You?

Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta (WSWA) is currently seeking Lake Ambassadors to represent the provincial organization and the core values we stand for. Our Lake Ambassadors will form a critical link between WSWA and the countless recreational skiers and rider across the province.

WSWA doesn’t just represent competitive athletes -- we represent all athletes on the water.

In partnership with WSWA, our Lake Ambassadors will be a resource at their home lake to anyone interested in learning more about the sport or getting more involved in events that WSWA runs. The relationship the ambassador has with the lake community will look different at each lake, but the common theme will be sharing their passion for towed water sports. The Lake Ambassador will promote WSWA’s programs and services, with the goal of recruiting new members. This can be done simply through community engagement, talking to people at lake events or when out on the water, or it can be a more intentional by running events themselves.


The Lake Ambassador, with the support of WSWA, may hold a kids Rip n Ride clinic, a “learn to ski the slalom course” evening, or just a casual “ladies night” where the ambassador brings together like minded people for a fun night carving the calm evening waters. No matter how the ambassador would like to connect with the community, they can be supported by WSWA. If you need help marketing an event, need some equipment to run a kids camp, want to make sure you give the correct information to a crew that is interested in setting up a club with a course, or just need help with registering participants for a kneeboarding contest, WSWA will work with you to help make your efforts a success.

What do we need from you?

Our top priority is to recruit recreational members. We need you to promote WSWA membership to your community at your public lake. To help you do this, WSWA will provide you with ambassador cards, with your information (including contact info, experiences in the sport, etc.) as well as general WSWA information (including website, programs and events, discounts, etc.). Your personalized ambassador cards will also have a coupon code on them for people to receive a free WSWA membership for 2019. You can keep these cards with you on the boat, or at events you run, so you can provide them to community members that are genuinely interested in the association. We will be able to keep track of the members you personally sign up, and you will be recognized for your efforts at the end of the year!

The Lake Ambassador is a volunteer position (i.e. WSWA will not pay you an hourly rate to hold events or run programs); however, we will help to fund/support your events by compensating you for boat rental/gas, equipment needs, etc. We will also provide you with awesome WSWA “swag” that you can give away in your lake community (i.e. WSWA branded sunglasses, floating key rings, stickers and tattoos, etc.). The events that you host will be promoted on the WSWA website and social media sites.


All participants of Lake Ambassador programs shall purchase a WSWA membership, using the online platform. The participant may choose either a single event membership ($5), or a full active membership ($40) if they intend on participating in more than one event (Lake Ambassador promo code may be used).  Program registration fees shall be discussed with WSWA for any paid event, and should be collected by WSWA (online payment).

The Lake Ambassador shall have NCCP coach training and boat driving training (or be willing to obtain training if they do not currently have any), and access to a boat. WSWA will cover the registration fee to the Coaching Clinic held in Calgary (May 4-5) for each Lake Ambassador. There may be a fee associated with forthcoming boat driver training.

We would love to have a Lake Ambassador at each of Alberta’s public lakes that are frequented by skiers, wakeboarders, wakesurfers, and general water sports enthusiasts.

How will we support you?

WSWA is currently discussing opportunities to recognize the volunteer efforts of Lake Ambassadors. For example, Predator Bay Water Ski Club may be able to offer slalom sets at $30/set (conditions apply), and we will provide each Lake Ambassador with a branded T-shirt (additional clothing options may be available to recognize exceptional efforts. Details of volunteer recognition will be provided to the Lake Ambassadors as WSWA finalizes these opportunities.

Lake Ambassadors

To ensure this new pilot project moves forward, committee members (Tiffany and Sheldon) will serve as Lake Ambassadors at Jackfish Lake (Tiffany) and Lac La Biche (Sheldon). The committee is currently reaching out to potential additional Lake Ambassadors:

  • Cheryl Hansen (Pigeon)

  • Todd Schafer (Lacombe/Sylvan Lake contacts… on private site)

  • Emily Tudhope (Gull Lake) CONFIRMED

  • Brent Lloyd (Stafford Lake)

  • Ryan/Jason Beekman (Stafford Lake)

  • Joanne Moore (Lake Isle)

  • Don Grass (Lac St. Anne)

  • Guy Demers (Cold Lake; not yet contacted)

  • Brian Walker (OGP; not yet contacted)

  • Cindy Trueman (or daughter; Wizard Lake; not yet contacted)

  • Joey Gurr (Chestermere; wakeboarder; not yet contacted) - has registered for the coaching clinic



Are Successful athletes who are inspiring leaders 


inspire people to get active — on the water — behind a boat -


are Supporters of towed water sports who pioneered our association since 1967


are builders and innovators who set new Standards


Are coaches who teach and guide 


are fans for the sports we love


Are those who their dedicate time to make it better


Is anyone willing to share their passions and experiences 


Is all who engage us and inspire us to get on the water and push our limits.



Our athletic ambassadors all share the same obsession: 


defying the boundaries of time by pushing themselves past their limits. 


They break records, but never break. 


They live their passions out loud and invite the whole world to cheer on their victories.


Are accomplished athletes and sport builders who inspire and excite youth to participate in sport


Are focused on spreading the love of sport and enable more people to practice sports by introducing them to all we offer 


Are recognized for the excellence of their commitment to sport



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