On June 3 we celebrated our 50th anniversary.... old and new friends gathered to celebrate.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather at Shalom Park and we spent the afternoon skiing. 

In the evening, we had a dinner and we watched a 50th anniversary video.  

Thank you Olli Megley for putting together this video. 

We recognized the alumni who served on the Executive Board, Board Committees and Staff throughout the 50 years.


We recognized each of the Presidents who led the organization since 1967. And we celebrated each of our clubs who deliver programs and is the foundation of our sport.  Please click on the Button below to read about all our clubs over the 50 years.


During the evening we recognized our Hall of Fame Inductees.  For more information on the Hall of Fame, please click on the Button below.

Donate Today

The success of the 50th Reunion event relies heavily on the efforts of volunteers, sponsors and fundraising. If you wish to contribute financially you can donate to Water Ski and Wakeboard Alberta through the Alberta Sport Connection.

For more information on the program, and to make a donation, follow this LINK.

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