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Nakita Schaab

Like water skiing, the wakeboarder is towed behind a boat, or a cable skiing lift at a speed of about 18-24 mph. The main difference is that instead of skis, the boarder uses a single board (like a snowboard) with bindings. Wakeboards are shorter in length than snowboards and slightly wider.

Wakeboard Competition Format

Riders will perform a subjectively judged two-pass run, where the boat will travel each pass in a straight path along the course in each direction. Each Rider will be scored on the total use of the course including obstacles and wake tricks alike.

Contestants may perform any number of tricks they choose, in any order they wish within the course. Riders will be judged on the difficulty and proficiency of the moves executed, how big they take tricks, variety of tricks performed, technical difficulty, use of obstacles within the course and the creativity and fluidity of the run.

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