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To provide training and skill development opportunities to U-21 athletes with the potential to attend and place at nationals. Open to wakeboard, hydrofoil, and wakesurf athletes.



To provide a training program where commitment and development are the primary focus.This program will strive to develop well-rounded athletes that become ambassadors for the sport and train to become in the top of their division by age 14-16. Open to U-16 wakeboard, hydrofoil, and wakesurf athletes.

About the Teams

The Alberta Wake Teams represent athletes who have a desire and commitment to excel in Wake Sport disciplines. In 2017, for the first time, the Provincial Teams will include wakesurf and hydrofoil, in addition to wakeboard.


Being on the team grants you many opportunities for skill development. These include: having unique early season training opportunities with professional coaches; the chance to become an official; ongoing coaching and mentorship opportunities; involvement in the wake sports community at events; and support for attending events and training.


Team members get to know other young athletes with the same love of the sport, and build lasting friendships.

Selection Process

Each year athletes will be invited to submit an application to participate on the Wake Team.

Athletes are required to complete a Sport Resume as part of the application process. A selection committee will review all applications and consideration will be given to contest participation, placements from previous season, trick list and goals.

Maximum Team Size: 16 Athletes*

*Water Ski and Wake Alberta is not obligated to fill all available spots on the team.  The final size of the team will be left up to the discretion of the selection committee.

Team Fees

2022 team fees will be $130. The fee includes 4 wake stop pre-registrations and the team hoodie.

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