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Syncrude Indoor Water Ski

Syncrude Indoor Water Ski Program

Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta (WSWA) is excited to pilot a new indoor pool water ski program in Fort McMurray.

This Syncrude Indoor Water Ski Program will introduce new participants to towed watersports in a safe and barrier-free environment. The program will use an indoor winch and will be available year-round and is the first indoor water ski program in North America.


We are excited to announce Syncrude as the title sponsor of the program.  Syncrude also has the naming rights for the Syncrude Aquatic Centre at MacDonald Island in Fort McMurray making them the natural partner for the indoor water ski program.  

The programs run multiple sessions every Sunday and includes 60 minutes of instruction, pool rental, equipment use and coaching. 1 hour Lesson / 15 mins of On Deck Instruction to cover the Learning Intention, Safety, Skiing Process, Equipment Care and Fitting and 45 mins of Water Instruction (Individual Skill Development).

We offer 3 sessions, running every Sunday:

Session #1 -  9:30am - 10:30am

Session #2 - 10:15am - 11:15am

Session #3 - 11:00am - 12:00pm


Please click which session you would like to register for


Additional water ski partners include: 

  • WSWC – Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada – National Sports Organization

  • WSWA – Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta – Provincial Sports Organization

  • WSWB – Water Ski Wood Buffalo - NE Alberta – Local Sports Organization  

Recreation Center Partners

  • RRC - Regional Recreation Corporation – operator of MacDonald Island    

  • RMWB - Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo - owner of MacDonald Island 

  • MI – MacDonald Island Recreation Facility – Home of the Suncor Family Leisure Center and Syncrude Aquatic Centre 


Fort McMurray was selected to run this program because of a local host club, Water Ski Wood Buffalo and their access to a world-class facility, a 50-metre indoor pool at the Syncrude Aquatic Centre at Macdonald Island Park.  The operators of the Regional Recreation Corporation (RRC) have a track record of innovative programming and have shown a willingness to form a partnership with Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada, Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta and Water Ski Wood Buffalo for the delivery of this programming. MacDonald Island Park is Canada’s largest community recreation, leisure and social centre. 


For more information on the MacDonald Island Park, please visit


Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta in partnership with Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada are developing a national operating procedure and safety manual to share with other communities to expand the winch programs to other indoor swimming pool facilities around Alberta and Canada.  Our goal is this pilot project will become accessible and replicable in other locations.


The program will introduce basic skills in towed water sport skills as outlined in WSWC’s Rip ‘N Ride program and according the delivery standards of the National Coaching Certification Program. After completing the basic skills courses, the skiers can transition to the competitive stream with Trick ski development programs. That will be a fantastic training tool where skiers/riders can use the facility in the winter months.


We are very excited about this new opportunity to get more participants to learn to ski and more advanced skiers and riders to develop their skills year-round and thrilled to partner with Syncrude and all our partners in this new Syncrude Indoor Water Ski Program.




Sheldon Germain, Project Leader



Suzanne Velcic


Instagram: @waterskiwakeboardalberta

Facebook:  @WaterSkiWakeboardAlberta

Twitter:  WaterskiWakeAB

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