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Sport Specific Safety Training Course

Water Ski & Wake Alberta will be hosting a SPORT SPECIFIC SAFETY TRAINING SESSION. All participants will receive Standard First Aid and CPR level C. . Each participant must be a WSWA Member.

The goal of this session is to promote safety as well as allow the participants to be qualified to volunteer at tournaments in the role of safety services. The skills you will learn in this session are invaluable for anyone who is involved in water sports.

If you host tournaments and/or events on the water, then this course is for you. Instruction will be provided at the Predator Bay Water Ski Site as an all-day session on June 12th with an additional evening session on June 20th.

Interested participants should contact Jeff Bonham at by June 6, 2022

AND COMPLETE the SignUp form -- LINK HERE:

Thanks to the generous support of Dr. Andrew Crichton, there is no charge for the first six registered participants. Being exposed to the sport through his son Lucas competing, Dr. Crichton felt it important to help create an opportunity to provide safety training to WSWA members. . Thank you for your very generous support Dr. Crichton!

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