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Male Athlete of the Year - Dorien Llewellyn

Dorien had an incredible season. In the fall, he set a new World Open Water Ski Overall record with a score of 2,590.41 points. He had an incredible performance of 2.50 @ 10.75 metres in slalom, 11610 points in trick and 70 metres in jump in the first round of the competition at the Fluid Fall Record on September 4th, 2021 at Lake Grew, Polk City, FL USA.

The World Championships were held in Florida in October at Sunset Lakes. Not only was this a great competition for Dorien, it was also a great event for Team Canada. Dorien was part of this 6 person team that won the Gold Medal for Canada, giving them Team World Title!

At the World's, Dorien performed amazing in all 3 events. In the prelims he had a slalom score of 5.5 @ 10.75m/39', a jump score of 69.9m/229ft, and a trick score of 10,910. Dorien made the finals in both Trick and Jump!

In the Trick Finals, Dorien once again ran his passes perfect and was awarded with a fantastic score of 11,260 points! This score earned him the Trick World Championship Crown!

The race for the Overall World Title was thrilling right to the end and Dorien scores earned him a silver medal in this Overall competition.

Congratulations Dorien! We are proud of you!

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