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2020 Alberta Water Ski Records

As we begin the 2021 Season, let's reflect on all those athletes who set Alberta Water Ski Records last season!

Congratulations to all our 2020 Alberta water skiers who set these records and they include:

GU14 Division:

TRICK - Megan Pelkey - 5030 points

JUMP - Shae O'Brien - 34.7m

GU17 Division:

JUMP - Shae O'Brien - 41.7m

Men Division: TRICK: Dorien Llewellyn - 11,460 points

M4 Division:

TRICK: Jaret Llewellyn - 9,100 points

M6 Division:

TRICK: Bruce Dodd - 4,230 points

OPEN MEN Division:

TRICK: Dorien Llewellyn - 11,460 points

OPEN WOMEN Division:

TRICK - Megan Pelkey - 5,030 points

JUMP - Shae O'Brien - 41.7m

Congratulations to our WSWA athletes who set Alberta Records in 2020!

Some exciting news coming up regarding some WSWA athletes who have already set Alberta Records in 2021!

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