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Important Information Regarding Insurance

As the provincial sport organization, we have several committees that run various programs.  The coaches who help run these programs are covered by our insurance policy and must have Making Ethical Decisions, Safe Sport, First Aid, Foundations Training as well as a Boat Drivers License and a WSWA membership.

If you have taken these courses and are not coaching on behalf of WSWA, you need to have your own insurance policy, or join with an affiliated club to ensure you have proper coverage.

If you are interested in coaching on behalf of WSWA, please email and we will get you in contact with the committee chair to see what can be done.

If you are looking at hosting events to grow your brand or local club, you must pay the $200 WSWA affiliate fee as well as the cost for insurance for your "club".  All coaches, boat drivers and staff that you have must have all the training certificates listed above in order to be covered through the insurance policies. The affiliate fee is for WSWA to help promote your events through social media, website, newsletters and to use our event registration system.  It also allows you to obtain insurance coverage at a special group rate

The difference between a club and a school insurance policy is that as a club, everyone attending your events/clinics must have an Alberta WSWA membership.  As a school, only the coaches, boat drivers and staff must have an Alberta WSWA membership.  Due to the difference, the costs are different as well, as club insurance is $650 while school insurance is $1300.

If you have any questions please contact WSWA at

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