Handle to Hand is a new initiative created by Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta 

with the intent to get beginners out in the water and up behind a boat

Our goals are to:


  • Promote a HEALTHY LIVING  and GREATER ACHIEVEMENT in our future athletes

  • Provide more INTRODUCTORY PROGRAMS and increase the SERVICES provided to all coaches and athletes

  • Offer RECREATION PROGRAMS for all levels of participation by implementing the basics of any athlete development


ACTIVE START involves the youngest children. It exists to help them learn fundamental movements and link them with play.

Fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills largely rely on the ABC’s of Movement: AGILITY, BALANCE, and COORDINATION

Towed water sports can help to develop these skills and PHYSICAL LITERACY by providing off and on water training.

Physical Literacy can be defined as the: 

MOTIVATION, CONFIDENCE, PHYSICAL COMPETENCE, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.

(International Physical Literacy Association, 2014)

Active start works on 3 areas of development: PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and TECHNICAL

PHYSICAL:   focuses on developing stability, gross motor skills, locomotor skills and manipulative skills. 

PSYCHOLOGICAL:   active start aims to build confidence, self-esteem, good body structure, emotions, attitudes, and imagination. The activities participated in help participants to feel competent and comfortable.

TECHNICAL:   development, active start looks at developing basic swimming skills, comfort and safety awareness in boats, around docks, in and around the water. Children are introduced to deep water on a ski or wakeboard and this leads into wake crossing. Most importantly active start focuses on having fun and enjoying the water!

We want our parents to feel comfortable and confident with the programs their children are taking part in. Our coaches are trained and certified, and closely follow the standard CANADIAN LONG TERM ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT GUIDE.


If you have questions about our programs or the LTAD please do not

hesitate to reach out to our office at 780 415 0088 or 1 866 258 2754 



We are offering single day and multi-day Handle to Hand clinics that use the Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada Rip 'N Ride skill progression program. Participants can choose any of the above activities to try for their first time or to develop their existing skills. Coaches are trained to use specialized equipment to lead participants through fun, safe and effective learning sessions. Participants can achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates in all activities. Parent helpers are always welcome!


We are working on selecting dates for our Handle to Hand Clinics for 2018.  If you would like more information on Clinics or how to get involved, please fill out the form below:


Brent Lloyd

Graeme MacDougall

Chestermere Lake


Thank you to our Sponsors


What Is Rip n' Ride?

Rip n' Ride is a skills development program to attract, initiate and retain new participants to towed watersports.

All of the skills learned in the program are aimed at teaching the fundamentals of the sport.

The goal of the program is to attract more people to the sport by providing them with the skills to enjoy the sport safely, and to encourage participants to progress their fundamental skills.

Coach Certification Requirements

To be recognized as an eligible Rip ‘n Ride coach, an individual must:

• Be a current member of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada via their respective provincial water ski and wakeboard association; and

• Achieve ‘trained’ status with our National Coach Certification Program (NCCP).  (See our Coaches Courses)

Participant Membership Requirements

In Alberta, we have created a special membership category for participants through Rip‘n Ride. This special membership category is designed to:

• Recognize these participants as members of WSWA, without creating the burden of full financial membership; and

• Provide support to schools, clubs, and camps that are offering the Rip ‘n Ride program.

If you require any further  information on any of our grassroots programs, please email: info@wswa.ca


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