Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta has many options for grassroots programs.  We can provide to you clinics to teach beginners to learn to ski or ride or learn more advanced skills.  We can come to your lake with our trailer full of gear.  We offer Handle to Hand programs, Rip 'N Ride programs, Learn to ski at Shalom Park, Indoor water ski/wake training at the Syncrude Indoor Water Ski Pool.


Are you looking at getting new skiers/riders on the water this summer?  Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta can help!  We have a trailer full of gear and can provide to you clinics to teach beginners to learn to ski or ride.  We can come to your lake or you can register for one of our clinics.


Handle to Hand is an initiative created by Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta and its main goal is to increase the participation of new skiers and riders - get them out on the water and up behind a boat and have a great experience in doing so!

Handle to Hand is the Introductory Level to get new participants up on the water. 


We offer many types of clinics from 1 day  to multi-day or weekly clinics or we can come  to your lake.

As skiers/riders continue and advance in their skills, we use Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada Rip 'N Ride skill progression program. 

Rip ‘n Ride is a skills development program to attract, initiate and retain new participants to towed water sports. It is the national standardized Grassroots Program for towed water sports in Canada. All of the skills learned in the program are aimed at teaching the beginners the fundamentals of the sport. The goal of the program is to provide them with the skills to enjoy the sport safely, and to encourage participants to progress their fundamentals skills. Rip ‘n Ride is an integral component of the organization’s FUNdamentals, FUNdations, and Build the Skills programming in support of the LTAD model. Participants can achieve Bron
ze, Silver and Gold certificates in all activities.

We are working on selecting dates for our Handle to Hand Clinics for 2018.  We offer 1 day Clinics, Multi Day Clinics and Weekly Clinics or we can come to you.  We will be rolling out the information soon on our website.


But we want to HEAR FROM YOU!  Please fill out the form below so we can get some more information on Grassroots Programs to you or we can schedule you in for a Clinic!





An additional GOAL of Handle to Hand is to train more coaches so YOU can teach others to ski or ride.  We offer courses each year so you can become a coach!  The more coaches we can train, the more new skiers/riders we can reach and this in turn continues to grow our sport.

In Summary, WSWA goals are to grow the sport and introduce more kids and adults to our exciting sport.  So if you want to teach new skiers / riders and want to be a certified coach, we can help.  And if you want to join one of our clinics to learn to ski or ride, we can help with that too.

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