The Basics

You don't have to be a National Champion to become a coach for towed water sports. There are multiple levels of coaching, each with its own requirements and training.

The three coaching levels:

Foundations: This is the basic, community level coach. As a Foundations coach, you may be working with kids or adults, beginners or novices, athletes or people who simply want to enjoy being on the water.

Build the Skills: The next level up! As a Build the Skills coach, you may still work with beginners, but also those wanting to improve their skills, learn new tricks, and take their participation up a notch. These could be competitive athletes, or people who are active for life.

Learn to Compete: You want to coach higher level athletes? This is the coach level you are looking for. Learn to Compete coaches are competitive coaches who prepare their athletes for competition. In addition to coaching sport specific skills, you will be designing and monitoring yearly training plans, and providing basic mental training skills, competition tactics, and skill analysis. 

You can find much more information on the CAC website.

Our Partners

To deliver coach training, and help our coaches achieve continuous improvement, we work closely with our partners: Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada; the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC); the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP); and Alberta Sport Connection (ASC)


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